C-Jays Headphones – Fibreglass Sound



Known for their rather spiffy in-ear headphones, Jays have just released their over-ear headphones, the C-jays (not big on names are they?). The C-Jays headphones are made from reinforced fibreglass nylon making them extra tough and suitable for the most rugged of beats.

Jays C-Jays (bit of a tongue twister) have a collapsible design making them easy to stow away in a small bag or large pocket. The C-jays headphones also come with an airline adapter meaning that you can do without the cheap set you usually get on most flights. Sound distortion is also minimised via the Single Crystal Copper cable, giving you a clearer, sharper sound.

You also get an iPhone compatible plug, 3 sizes of foam ear cushion and a stereo splitter for $118 (£80) of your hard earned cash. As far as headphones go, the C-Jays headphones are comfortable and functional but if you are looking for a bit more style, try the aptly named Nixon Master Blaster headphones

, which look a lot cosier in the winter sun (not that doubling up as earmuffs should play any part in your consideration over which headphones to get…).

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