BumpTop 3D Desktop » Windows 7 Here I come



Made for Windows 7 is becoming an increasingly common term and the BumpTop 3D Desktop software is a proud carrier of that badge. True, you can use it with your current PC set-up but the true physics inspired nature of the BumpTop 3D Desktop can only be appreciated once you have upgraded to Microsoft’s latest (and greatest?) operating system.

Finally available for download legally (no need for rapidshare or megaupload unless you really want to), you can install the BumpTop 3D Desktop on your machine and start manipulating your desktop the same way as, well, as you would your real desktop at work or in your home office.

Check out the vidoe of the BumpTop 3D Desktop in action and download the free version below to get your virtual desktop on Windows 7 style. The paid version of the BumpTop 3D Desktop will set you back $30.


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