Biggest Achievements By Android

Android can be said to be the biggest smartphone operating software. But it wasn’t easy for them to get to where they are today with all the devices and the numerous applications they are offering users today. Today, we want to take a few steps in time to appreciate some of Android’s most significant achievements over the years.  

Google Buys Android

Android Inc. was only a baby when Google bought it in 2005; immediately after that, you could use mobile casinos. It was barely 22 months, and it didn’t have any significant achievements before Google brought it to the light. Google acquired the company for $50 million, and because its net value is estimated to be about $2.5 billion, it was one excellent investment. After two years after Google bought the company, the Android O.S was released to the public. 

android 199225 640

First Android-Powered Phone

Then came the launch of the first Android-powered mobile device. This happened a year after the Android O.S was revealed. The T-Mobile G1, or the HTC Dream, was the first mobile phone powered by Android. Looking at it by today’s standard, it wouldn’t even be able to support even the most basic of high roller casinos applications. The HTC Dream has a 3.2-inch touchscreen with a 320 x 480-pixel resolution, an a528 MHz processor, and a 3mp camera.

The Launch of the Android Market

The Android Market was launched in 2008, and all the available content was accessible. It was only in 2009 that paid apps started to appear on the market. As the Android OS grew in popularity, so did the Android grow in size. It was then rebranded into Google Play after having incorporated other digital stores. 

These are, but a few of Androids achieves over the years that have managed to make the company what it is today. 

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