Ballpoint Pen Cell Phone Charger


Despite being simple, the Ballpoint Pen Cellphone Charger is probably one of the most useful gadget we have seen in a long time.

Every body (with a job) carries a pen and a cellphone to have a pen that can be used to charge your cell phone is a no-brainer.

Packed within the pen are chargers for Nokia Handsets (both 2.5mm and 3.5mm), SONY Ericsson, Samsung and a USB charger.

Typical charge-time for a full charge is 100 minutes and for that the Ballpoint Pen Cellphone Charger can give upto 2 hours talk-time per charge and 30 hours standby. Not bad from a gadget that runs of a single AA battery.

At $18 from Brando

, the price won’t burn a hole in your pocket either and if you are one who likes a good chat, the Ballpoint Pen Cellphone Charger could just what you were looking for.



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