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The Athena Multimedia Sofa with an integrated computer is the most hi-tech settee we have seen in a while (not that we have seen that many). It not only looks like you can catch some quality lounging and shut-eye time on it, you can also use the integrated home computer to do some work or whatever (most like ‘whatever’).

The Athena can connect (wirelessly?) to your home entertainment system to allow you to control everything gin your home form your lights to the TV if you have the correct set-up. The $15,436 price tag is a bit steep for a settee but if you’re even thinking about buying the Athena Multimedia Sofa, you must be cash rich and time poor so you probably won’t even spend much time lounging on it.

If you want a more out of the ordinary piece of expensive furniture than the Athena Multimedia Sofa, check out he G5 aeroplane desk

. Now that’s high-tech lounging.

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