Asus G50 Gaming Laptop Released



Gaming laptops are becoming all the rage and the Asus G50 has joined this (not so) elite band of brothers.

The Asus G50 comes with a respectable 32 core GeForce 9700M GT GPU and Intel Core 2 Duo CPU and is available with a 15.6 or 15.4-inch LCD screen.

If the technical specs of the Asus G50 are just a bunch of numbers and abbreviations to you, then the only number you need to really concentrate on are the digits you need to fork out at the sales till which starts at a hefty $1249 and is available from Best Buy now.

Until WoW was released, PC gamers looked like a dying breed but now we get a gaming laptop released every other week (check out the Packard Bell iPower GX

). Good times for on-line geeks.


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