Aerosystem Speakers – Put Your iPod On A Pedastal

Aerosystems Speakers

Aerosystems Speakers

Once you own an iPod you either love it or hate it and for those that love it, an Aerosystem Speaker by Jean-Michel Jarre gives you just the opportunity you were waiting for to put your uber-gadget up on the pedestal it so richly deserves.

At around $549, the Aerosystem Speaker is a pretty expensive pedestal but for the money, it can use its integrated amp to beef up the sound coming from your iPod so it regains some of the lustre lost due to Mp3 encoding.

The Aerosystem Speaker is also encased in super-tough glass (much like the Sountina NSA PF1 speaker

) so you will be hard pressed to break it (although if your forking out for this you better put it some place no-one would even try to break it).

This iPod speaker system is a vailable in Europe only for now, watch this space for updates….


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