Archos 9 Tablet PC Available For Pre-order

Archos 9 Tablet PC

Archos 9 Tablet PC

Are you a fan of Archos 9 Tablet PC and can’t wait for its launch? Congratulations. You can now pre-order Archos 9 Tablet PC for $550 even though it was planned for launching on October 22nd for $500.

Some of the official specifications of the Archos 9 Tablet PC include: Bluetooth and Wifi, Windows 7 Starter Edition, 8.9: screen, Extremely thin .67” and it weighs in at a svelte 29 ounces. Pretty tiny with a reasonable amount of power.

The Archos 9 Tablet PC also has a 1.3Mega Pixel Webcam which can be used for video conferencing and a strong battery life which can last for as much as 5 hrs especially if Wifi/Bluettoth is off.


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