Apple’s new AirPods are cool, but are they for everyone?

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AirPods are the latest trailblazing tech gadget from Apple that was announced last September. Their debut was backed by the release of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus, which entered the stores at exactly the same time the AirPods were disclosed. They include futuristic sensors that uninterruptedly detect when someone is listening and or not listening and automatically put on the music or pause it. They as well include ultra-low power W1 Chip that lets you easily access your desired Apple Assistant with by just double clicking the side of your AirPod. But there are a lot of questions the AirPods. Do they fall out easily? Can you workout with them? (Check Cam Secore’s take

here.) Is the sound quality the same as Apple’s original EarPods?

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The First Look

The integral optical sensors and motion accelerometers in Apple AirPods have the sensitivity that lets them detect when you are taking out the earphones from the ears and automatically pause your music you were listening to. The sensors are so intelligent such that they will automatically resume your favorite music playback as soon as you put back the earphones into the ears. Their sleek and splendid design makes it less-demanding to wear and take them away when necessary. They are designed portable and to size which ensures they can fit perfectly well to ears of all natures. The Siri technology used by the AirPods

allows you to easily connect your iPhone by double tapping the AirPod. Siri technology is highly revered for its unequaled accuracy and calmness when it comes to transmitting sound signals from one device to the other cordlessly.

What separates Apple AirPods from the rest?

Apple AirPods is believed to have sold an incredible number of pieces within the first week of release. Since then, lots of tech lovers have come to appreciate these earphones as each day; the company records a good number of sales. There are several things which make Apple AirPods the perfect option when it comes to wireless earphones. The most common ones include;

  1. The incredibly audio sound for its size and portability.
  2. The amazing slim and portable charging case which is able to keep power for up to twenty hours.
  3. The coherent and effective autoplay and pause functionality.
  4. The super accurate Siri performance.
  5. The great battery performance.
  6. The sleek body design (no wires attached).

What makes AirPods unreliable?

While AirPods rank as some of the best selling and most revered wireless earphones on the market, there are things that have led to some disappointment.

  1. Inability to control environmental noise. AirPods don’t have a surround sound cancellation feature which means when wearing them you are not protected from environmental noise.
  2. Loose and imperfect design. The earphones are will sometimes get loose requiring you to adjust them so that you can enjoy the full sound.
  3. Relatively high price. The cost of these earphones is somewhat higher when compared to their performance and accuracy.

Release Date, Availability, And Pricing

While Apples AirPods were expected to reach the stores in late September last year, they were delayed until the 19th of December

 due to supply issues. They are $159, but it’s currently April, and you’re still looking at a six week delivery time. This is absurd.

Final Word

Apple’s AirPods are the best selling and most revered wireless earphones on the market. These earphones are highly preferred because of their unsurpassed sound quality, super-accurate Siri controls, outstanding call quality and futuristic auto pause and play function. Looking at the performance and great accuracy of AirPods, we can say that Apple has succeeded at innovating in a way that they haven’t in a while. They’ve changed the way audio is transmitted from our phones to our ears without the need of a cord.

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