Android Gets Lyrical – The G1 Love Rap Song

android Rap Song G1 Love

android Rap Song G1 Love

We’ve been avoiding all the hoopla to do with the Google Android G1 so far. Why? Just because we don’t want to participate in the hype along with all the other gadget blogs (call us the black sheep if you will).

However, as any true hip-hop head would know, you have to give props where props is due and after coming across the Android ‘G1 Love’ Rap song, well, we cracked and decided to blog it, we are, after all, leaders of the new school yo.

Lyrically the Android ‘G1 Love’ Rap song is quite impressive for a gimmicky rap song and props to the guys over at phandroid

for getting it made, must give them a decent traffic boost (^^).

Anyway check out the video below and get your head bobbing. Peace out.

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