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Lego seems hell-bent on world dominations (as witnessed by the Lego Death Star

) and by teaming up with Alcatel to bring us the Alcatel Lego Phone, they’ve proved that they want to dominate mobile communication and handsets too (a Lego phone, perfect for your 7 year old…).

No word on release or even official confirmation as yet, the Alcatel Lego Phone will have replaceable modular face plates enabling the look of the phone to be altered, making it more ‘Lego-like’ in appearance. Unfortunately the Alcatel Lego Phone loses out on cool-points as it is not actually made of Lego bricks but does do a good impression.

Handset cost and extortionate mobile tariff plans for the Alcatel Lego Phone are nowhere to be found just yet but with the World Mobile Congress coming up, we’ll see if we can sniff out a few more details in the coming days so stay tuned to the wire







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  2. absoluteyl do not like it I mean I have got an Alcatel phone it cud b nicer but seriously mine is nicer who would actually buy that, wud u/

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