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A Quick Guide To Vape Juices

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For those of you who are about to take that first step into vaping, this guide is for you. Also, people who have been vaping for a while but still feel they have questions will find this guide useful. We are going to look at some important subjects regarding which vape juice to use and why.

PG vs VG:

PG is propylene glycol and VG is vegetable glycerin. Vape juices contain either one or the other, or more often not, they contain a combination of the two. They are the base of your juice and what allow it to turn to vapor when the heat is applied. They both work very well, but have different textures and produce different sensations when taken in. If your initial vape experience was less than positive, changing the base may just change your life. Pure VG liquids are generally considered to be the high end of vape juices.

Nicotine content:

This has been said time and again, but still bears repeating. Vaping is often used as a method of getting rid of nicotine addiction altogether. People often start out with some kind of tobacco e-juice and as time progresses, start buying juices with lower and lower nicotine content in them. This is for one reason: nicotine really doesn’t taste that good, and it can never be completely covered up in a vape juice. So as people start craving more full flavor from their vapes, they start gravitating towards low or even no-nicotine juices. Honestly, the real vape experience is the one unencumbered by nicotine, where you are just getting pure flavor.

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But, Is It Safe?

As long as you are buying reputable juices, the answer is an overwhelming YES to this question. All the ingredients in a proper juice are inert, food grade and completely non-toxic.

So which juice is for me?

As for flavor itself, this depends on you entirely. Some people have a sweet tooth and love the desserty sugary flavors, some people like a fruity juice, some people love the taste of coffee or cinnamon, etc., the options are almost limitless.

As for VG vs. PG, PG is a stronger throat hit, and generally more for people who were smoking cigarettes before. VG is a much smoother hit capable of producing more flavor. It should be noted though that you need top-level equipment to vape with pure VG as it’s harder to evaporate than PG. Of course, there are various percentages available. Life is all about choices when you vape.

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