5 Smart (and safe) Money Moves To Make When Traveling With A Motorcycle

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pexels photo 980382 1

After a couple of years of hard saving you’ve finally managed to buy that motorcycle of your dreams. Okay, so it’s second-user, but it’s only two years old, low mileage, and in tip-top condition. Next month you’re off on that road trip you’ve been dreaming about. You’ve packed and unpacked the panniers and your back pack more times than you care to think about, just to make sure everything you need to take fits in. So what else do you need to consider?

Inform the bank of your plans

Having a word with your bank is always a good idea if you intend to travel abroad. Especially so if you think you will be using your credit or debit card. In this day and age banks look carefully at card use patterns. If your card is suddenly used abroad, the bank may well stop the transaction

as a precaution against possible identity theft, fraud or theft of your card. You should also enquire as to what, if any, card transactions will cost you in a foreign country, some cards can be expensive when used abroad.

Do they use ATMs at your destination

While you may have an ATM on every street corner of your home town, they might not be so prevalent in other countries. If your trip is taking you on a European tour, in the majority of countries using an ATM won’t be a problem. However, if you’re heading into South America, it’s a good idea to get the low-down from the bank, and possibly make alternative arrangements to be sure you can acquire funds in countries with limited ATM access.

Using cash or card

If you’re going to take cards, ask your bank about Overseas Spending Cards, often they have low or no charges. A Prepaid Currency Card

is also a good option. You pre-load it with a limited amount of funds. In the event of theft, they can only access what’s left on the card. Use your card for any bigger purchases you may make, so you have the backing of the cards payment protection plan if there’s a problem with your purchase.

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Check your travel insurances

Travel insurance is an absolute must whenever you travel abroad, and even more so when you’re going to spend much of that time on the road. Read everything, including the small print, to make sure you’re covered for long road journeys on your bike. Check your motorcycle policy to be sure you have international cover. The private dealer you bought the bike from had motor trade insurance from One Sure, and he recommended One Sure Insurance

for good, cheap, international cover. It’s standard practice for your insurance company to require a small additional premium related to the time you will be in another country. They will also provide any additional documents you need to prove cover.

Split your cash and cards

Did you know wallets were invented by pick-pockets? With everything in one place when they dip your pockets, what could be easier? Be a little street wise,

do away with the wallet, keep some cash in different pockets. Put an emergency fund in one of your boots. If you have more than one card, hide them in different places. Consider taping one to your person. Anything to ensure you have funds in an unforeseen emergency. Happy biking.

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