Transformers – Sneakers In Disguise…

We love transformers here at GadgetHeat. We’re talking abut the cartoons from the 80’s and not the Hollywood remake and these 4D Transformable shoes should definitely be on every transformers fanboy’s shopping list (and one for a fwe sneaker pimps too)

A little too small for adults and we wouldn’t recommend actually wearing the transformer shoe just in case it breaks but they do look rather cool (and a shoe collection is the last place anywhere would look for a transformer). The 4D Transformable shoe come in blue/white and yellow/pink so you have a his and hers pair for your geek collection.

You can get your hands (and feet) on a pair of the 4D Transformable shoe from gadgetforall

for around $27.








  1. […] have seen both Transformers shoes (unwearable) and interesting Nike trainers (also unwearable but at least eatable) before but the […]

  2. Ew..and people are standing in line for this?? I’d rather stand in line for icecream. Thanks!!

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