Toshiba TLP-X200U Projector – Speak Up



GadgetHeat is a big fan of min-projectors from the Aiptek V10

to the Samsung projector phone

concept so the Toshiba TLP-X200U projector is a little on the large size for us. However, what makes it stand apart from its projector brethren is the talking guidance the Toshiba TLP-X200U projector gives.

The audio packaged with the TLP-X200U is designed to talk you through maintenance and setup which should make the whole thing a lot easier to use rather than going through the usual reams of leaflets and manuals that come with most gadgets.

On the technical side, the TLP-X200U comes with 3LCD tech, pixels resolution stands at 1024 x 768, 600:1 contrast ratio and 3000 ANSI lumen brightness. The Toshiba TLP-X200U projector is also both wired and wireless LAN compatible.

At $1,740 it’s not cheap but if you can download the voice support as Mr-T then I’m sold.


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