Top Gaming Smartphones

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Technology has seen important changes in recent years especially mobile phones. They can essentially do just about everything a computer can do including gaming whether it’s a graphic heavy game like Call of Duty or a simple game like a mobile slot machine.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

This Android offering is bordering on phablet statues with a 5.7 inch screen. When comparing it to other phones, the Note 5 has the best display out there. Downside is the price as its one of the most costly.


Gamers prefer phones with a larger display screen. Right now, anything below 5” simply won’t do. The G5 measures in at an impressive 5.6”. Another concern for gamers is battery life which is important when playing a casino game on the go. The G5 has a longer battery life than previous models.

HTC One M10


While this phon

e is a bit more low profile than the others on the list, it is still a powerful gaming phone for a little less money. 4 GB of RAM coupled with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 812 processor means no lagging during a gaming session.

IPhone 7

When this version is released this September, it will be the best Apple phone for gaming. Early reports indicate it will come in two different screen sizes, allowing gamer to opt for the larger especially with the new edge to edge display screen.

Samsung Galaxy S7


This update to the S6 has some major changes. First of all, it is the first mobile phone to be water resistant. Accidently drop it in a puddle while playing online roulette and your game will keep going. The processor is strong and with 4 GM of RAM, you will be ready for advancements in gaming technology.

While all of these phones are adequate for the purpose of gaming, the Galaxy S7 is the better option. Not only does it have specification required for gaming but new features as well.

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