Speedy Backlinks without the Fuss

pr update

We all want back links (don’t we just!). It’s the life juice of the internet according to the Google government

. The more backlinks your site has, the higher it will rank in the SERP‘s

The latest automated backlink creator on the market – 30 Minute Backlinks

-actually does what it sets out to do – i.e. generate you MASSIVE amounts of quality back links in a short amount of time (probably in about an hour rather than 30 minutes but hey…). The whole process is automated which saves you the pain staking process of adding you sites to directories one by one.

This isn’t just an ebook, the video tutorials guide you step by step in the best way to build your backlinks

in a way that won’t upset Google whilst boosting your traffic to new levels.

The product has just been released so market saturation hasn’t happened yet and there isn’t a package like it currently out there. It’s going to go viral pretty quick so I suspect that after 6 months or so it will come into Google‘s radar but until then you should get link building super style quick…. 30 mins links

Whether you have a blog or a standalone website, you need as many backlinks as you can get your hands on on order to attract attention and web traffic to your site. Without them you’d be luck to get 50 uniques a day…and from my early days on this blog I know that sucks big time….

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