SONY KDL 40V3000 – V vs S….

You may recall we HDTV review

ed the SONY KDL 40S3000

a while back if you missed it you can grab it here

. We’ve now come accross an excellent review of the SONY KDL 40V3000

The V series has added Live Colour Creation

– This means it has enhanced red and green colours givin the V series BRAVIA’s a more vibrant appearance than the S series (not that the S – series is any slouch).

The exact difference between the V and S series is a bit murkey to the naked eye and you probably hace to be HD purist in order to be bothered by the difference (and rich enough to spend the extra £500 – £1000) but you can catch the review here

and if you’re looking to purchase this 40 inch baby we have some bargain prices

at the moment in our HDTV store


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