Retro Game 8-Bit Neck-Ties » Tetris, Pong, Asteroids & Space Invaders Ties



Our love of retro is never ending and these retro game 8-Bit neck-ties feeds our need nicely. Wearing a tie to work is bad enough but if you absolutely have to, you should grab one of these gamer neck ties to go with your slacker attitude.

Amazon sometimes have rare gems hidden away in their vast warehouse and the retro game 8-Bit neck-ties are one such gem. Available in renderings of Tetris, Asteroids, Pong and Space Invaders

, the neck ties by manufacturers Wild Ties will definitely make you stand out in the board room as a child of the 80’s.

At $24.99, the retro game 8-Bit neck-ties cost more than what I would like to pay for a tie (i.e. nothing) but at least you can rack up extra cool points when wearing them (well, cool if your a geeky technophile like us). Check ’em out over at Amazon

for your new regulation office-wear.




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