Pentagon Cyber Command » All Your Base Are Belong To Us



After a string of cock-ups, breaches, and no-one knowing what is going on, the Pentagon Cyber Command program will finally get given the go-ahead by President Obama. Tasked with stopping any more embarrassing lapses of security and snotty nosed leet hackers browsing through national security files, the Pentagon Cyber Command will be coordinate the security of military computer networks and developing new offensive cyber-weapons.

Now we have no idea what a cyber-weapon is (probably automatic remote compute hijacking and the such to stop the hackers) but with such a cool sounding unit to work for, we bet the Pentagon Cyber Command staff will have no end of fun thinking up ways to destroy all wannabe script kiddies. The unit will be a part of the Homeland Security set-up(those guys get an awful lot of leeway) and will probably be headed by urrent NSA director Gen. Keith Alexander.

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