OpenFrame – The iPhone Of Home Phones

Every phone wants to be an iPhone. Most get over this fixation quickly and are satisfied with being mere also-rans but the OpenPeak’s OpenFrame IP home phone to the iPhone style and functionality and ran with it.

Announced way back at the beginning of the the year the OpenFrame is nearing release sometime in Q1 2009. The OpenFrame is a IP home phone with much of its features looking and feeling like the usability you would get from an iPhone. That’s no bad thing and as they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

OpenPeak’s OpenFrame home phone acts as an information media centre for your home with all the apps you would expect to find on a cell phone such as calender, weather, news etc. It also doubles as a digital picture frame and allows you to listen to internet radio through it’s interface.

Price-wise you’re looking at $200 – $300 mark which means that it’s more pricey than the current iPhone (now available for free on some tarrifs

) and with more people relying on the cell phones for all their communication needs, the price of the OpenFrame IP home phone may be its only stumbling block.







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