Motorola Sparrow – Shop By Night Cell Phone Concept

As concept phones and handsets go the Siemens Leaf

is our current favourite but that all changed when GadgetHeat came across the Motorola Sparrow. This concept handset not only allows you to make calls (as all good cell phones should ^^), it also allows you to check-out pay for goods via an inbuilt scanner and credit card reader allowing you to pick up items from shops an walk out without getting stopped by security (for a change).

The Motorola Sparrow, designed by Rinat Aruh takes the mobile point of sale (MPOS) concept and runs with it. The Sparrow is completely consumer facing meaning there are no queues that are still associated with the usual self service checkouts that you can find in some supermarkets.

The handset is almost completely encased in a touch-screen screen making it tactile and easy for the average Joe to use. The question is when, not if, devices such as the Motorola Sparrow handset will be integrated into the everyday retail experience and with design like this, GadgetHeat is banking on it happening sooner rather than later.







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