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Moto-Terminator Bike



Terminator 5 – Salvation – may yet be long in the pipeline but we have seen some revealing shots a new bad-ass terminator – the Moto-Terminator. This is a motorbike melded with a killing machine to give you a less than comfortable ride but a sure way of killing traffic. Literally.

The Moto-Terminator makes it’s appearance in the forthcoming Terminator Salvation an is sure to give John Connor something to worry about come rush hour. The Moto-Terminator is a mess of of spiky bits and machine guns and with the deadly red glowing headlights, gives flash-backs or Arnie whenever it cruises by.

Half humanoid and half motor bike the Moto-Terminator collectors the dead bodies of slain victims for the Sky Net overlord. If you are looking to buy one of these you’re out of luck. It was recently sold at a Dubai auction for $140,000 along with tickets to the movie premier.

Still no doubt there will be a slew of Moto-Terminator gadgets and spin-off’s coming in 2009 so we will be keeping a keen (red) eye-out for those….






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