Jumping On The iPod Band-Wagon

All things Apple are cool at the moment and with the impending release of the new iPhone, the temperature is about to drop some more (if you want the new iPhone for free and before everyone else gets it, GadgetHeat has the perfect solution).

Jumping whole-heartedly on this bandwagon is the iPod USB by boysstuff

. You can get this in a 2GB or 4GB versions for $40 and $50 respectively and what do you get for your money? A cutesy USB with a squeezy cover and a greater affiliation to what is possibly the gadget of the century, iPod (saying that though, you should check out our current gadget of the year, the R2D2 DVD projector


The iPod USB stick is USB 2 compatible for speedy transfers and it’s pretty cutesy so what more do you want eh?



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