iYo – Induction-Powered Yo-Yo Charger For iPhones

iyo yo-yo charger for iPhone

iYo yo-yo charger for iPhone

Yes, the iShow

must go on and the iYo adds to the host of peripherals generated by the iPod and iPhone.

iPhone and iPod accessories are like a multi-million industry in their own right and Swedish designer Peter Thuvander jumps on the band-wagon by integrating his favourite gadget

, the yo-yo, with the ability to charge an iPhone or iPod. When you think about it, it just makes sense.

The iYo is an induction-powered yo-yo that generates energy as you use it. After about thirty cranks on the Lithium Ion battery housed inside the yo-yo, the iYo has enough energy to begin charging your iPhone (although it is unclear as to how long the charge actually lasts or how many cranks of the yo-yo you need to get a full charge).

The iYo is just another concept gadget much like the iShow

and many other cool iPhone accessories but Gadgetheat has to admit that this is one of the coolest yo-yo’s we’ve seen since high-school. And if your wondering, there’s no need to charge as you yo-yo, yo-yo and then charge…it’s just good etiquette….

iyo yo-yo charger for iPhone

iyo yo-yo charger for iPhone


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