iTouch Eat Your Heart Out



When we at GadgetHeat

watched Minority report all those years ago, apart from thinking it was a pretty average film, we did like the gizmo that the erstwhile Tom Cruise got to use. The screen to which he just pointed and moved and re-sized images into whatever shape or size he wanted was pretty nifty to look at and although it looked like something that could become a reality, it did look a long way away from hitting our shelves.

Well fast forward 7 years and it’s finally arrived. The iPoint Presenter by Fraunhofer is a real life, ready to go example of hand tracking and gesture recognition technologies, i.e. you make a movement with your hand and it reacts instantly. No more fiddling with mouse buttons or touch screens that can’t recognise touch properly…

The added feature of the iPoint Presenter is that you can use multiple fingers to manipulate objects on the screen. This means that two people can use at the same time or one person can manipulate many objects. It has pixel-precise pointing so you can point to the exact location you need and is completely contact free which means no clammy gloves or pointy markers that mess with your screen.

You can re-size objects, drag and drop and even play games without touching the screen at all. No other input devices are required to use, just plug it in and your good to go. So far the medical and science fields seem to be the first with the uptake but razzle-dazzle technology like this on the market it won’t be long before others take notice and implement it into their own devices.


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