Is it Time to Upgrade Your Hotel POS System?


Hotel and resort owners are always looking for ways to stand out from the competition. The payment processing system that a hotel uses can improve guest experiences and facilitate management of a hospitality business. Lodging providers who can process a wide variety of payment methods are likely to draw more guests. Find out how a next-generation point of sale system such as the Clover Station 2.0 can enhance front desk functionality and streamlines operational management for any hospitality business.

Process More Payment Methods

A growing number of travelers rely on new payment methods such as near-field communication or contactless payments. Hotels that still rely on old-fashioned credit card processing systems may not be able to accept these payments. A new POS system makes it possible to securely accept cards with EMV chips or magnetic stripes, contactless methods and other ways to pay.

Any Clover system from full-service Station 2.0 down to the tablet-based Mini, handheld Flex or smart device attachment Go can process all of these payment methods. Choose POS hardware and merchant solutions that fit the needs of your establishment. A desktop station can be ideal for a front desk, while a Flex could allow for curbside check-in. No matter which option you choose, a new POS system can drive up reservations.

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Manage Hospitality Operations

The functionality of older POS systems was often restricted to processing payments. Hotel operators who still rely on a dedicated payment system and use additional systems to handle reservations, guest profiles and incidentals may benefit from streamlining daily operations with a next-generation POS system.

Clover systems such as the Station 2.0, Mini and Flex are capable of processing payments and providing other critical functionality for guests and employees. The best hotel POS system comes with a variety of built-in applications and access to hundreds of supported integrations through an App Market. Any Clover POS system enables hotel operators to monitor data in real time through an online Dashboard.

Streamline Guest Experience 

Newer POS systems facilitate a full range of functions for guests, from making reservations to checking in, accurately charging incidentals and checking out. Hotel owners and operators can make these processes more customer-friendly by using a system that provides guests with all the information they need.

The first experience a guest may have with a POS system is upon arriving at a hotel. Clover systems offer customer-facing displays or printers for a more inviting presentation at the front desk. A Station 2.0 or tablet-based Mini can be a good choice for managing check-ins and check-outs. Either of these systems can also be set up in other parts of an establishment that allow for sales such as a bar, cafe, restaurant or gift shop.

Hotels that use multiple systems to process payments and manage operational data should consider upgrading to a fully-integrated POS system. A versatile platform such as Clover makes it possible to unite all of these functions on one system. Upgrading to a new POS system may involve a transitional period, but the change can simplify every aspect of a hospitality business.

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