ezGear EZ3000 BluCobra Blu-ray Disc Player



ezGear, more known for their interestingly shaped Wii remote than anything else have decided to dip their toe into the Blue-ray game with the release of the ezGear BluCobra Blu-ray Disc Player. The marketing men must of had a really late night to come up with ‘BluCobra’.

The ezGear BluCobra Blu-ray Disc Player is pimped out with (well, comes with) 7.1 analog outputs, SACD, TrueHD, DTS-HD HR&MA and profile 1.1 (Bonus View). Set for a March 2009 release, the BluCobra will be biting your wallet for an optimistic $400.

Whether or not the price will be dropped come release date (and fiscal reality sinking in) is yet to be seen but the ezGear BluCobra Blu-ray Disc Player (also known as the less fun EZ3000) is hoping to take of all your Blu-ray, DVD and CD needs in one. I’d rather get a PS3 for that money and play games as well. Just my 2 cents ^^.


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