Everybody Loves Blu-Ray – HD DVD is Dead, Long Live Blu-Ray

So what happened then?

Toshiba just threw in the towel, they’re not gonna make HD DVD‘s any more.

How come?

Well Wallmart, Bestbuy and Warner Bros all jumped shipped and are now all exclusively dating Blu-Ray. The writing was on the wall for HD DVD and it said ‘You’re gonna loose….big’.

Were Blu-Ray all nice about it?

No. they rubbed HD DVD‘s face in it as any self respecting organisation would.

So i guess they’re about to get paid, huh?

Can you say kerching!? The Blu-Ray Association is about to get paid like Bill (Gates). Every Blu-Ray disc and drive that gets produced means they get a royalty. If you think about it, by the end of this year every PC will probably have a Blu-Ray player inbuilt and PS3 sales will no doubt be picking up too….

So is anyone sticking with HD DVD then?

Yes LG are watching and waiting. They are going to continue making and supporting HD DVD for the early adopters and hope to capitalise on the lack of support from anyone else. LG is HD DVD’s only friend in the world right now….

Sucks for HD DVD then. What’s it means for us then?

Well all of us who had the foresight to buy a Playstation 3 (ahem) it’s business as usual. Those who bought a HD DVD player…well…enjoy your nice new paper-weight….Remember BetaMax? No? Well that’s where you’re heading….

So is that it?

Well not until the end of March so if you’ve got a dual HD DVD / Blu-Ray player, be on the lookout for some bargains as studios rush to off-load their HD DVD back catalogues.

So if HD DVD and Blu-Ray were actually people, how would the conversation go?

Blu-Ray: Check-mate baby! We’ve reached critical mass and we own this mutha! Ya heard!?

HD DVD: Well we’re going to be moving out anyway…this place isn’t our style…we’ll be looking at other ventures…

Blu-Ray: Whatever biatch, get the hell out.

HD DVD: We were leaving anyway. We think that our decision to exit the format war will benefit the consumer more than –

Blu-Ray: You still here? You need to leave man I got money to make.

HD DVD: There’s no need to be rude we were just-

Blu-Ray: Yeah yeah BetaMax , uh, I mean HD DVD, I feel for you. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out….

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