Dream Arcade Wireless Xbox 360 SFIV Fightstick



The Dream Arcade Wireless Xbox 360 SFIV Fightstick finally takes the lead and makes a wireless arcade stick to get your beat-em-up style on. Looking slightly more professional than the homemade wireless Xbox 360 SFIV Fightstick

we featured a few weeks back, the Dream Arcade version is sure to be a hit with those wanting an authentic arcade feel when smacking the crap out of their opponent.

The fightstick should be available to order in a few months from now so even though it’s hopping on the current SFIV bandwagon, we’re sure that only the serious gamers will hop onto this one. The fightstick will be able to communicate with your Xbox 360 from up to 35 feet away which is enough even for those of us mansions (i jest).

Price is as yet unconfirmed but judging for what similar sticks (like the Madcatz tournament edition fightstick

) go for, we think it will be in the region of $150 to $200 give or take a discount for pre-orders and a large hike if demand for the Dream Arcade Wireless Xbox 360 SFIV Fightstick is overwhelming.

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