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Introducing the worlds’ first Cyborg Crocodile. This poor little crocodile had its head smashed in a few months ago. What to do? How about reconstructing it with a huge heap of metal and synthetic material to make the worlds ultimate killing machine? Yeah, that will fix it.

Robo-croc, as it has been fondly labelled, has not eaten for three months since its trauma and vets are hoping the reconstruction of large parts of its skull and head will encourage it to chow down again. We’re not sure if it is feeling self-conscious in front of all the other crocodiles at the swamp due its shiny set of head braces.

The whole thing looks kind of painful and we’re note sure if this Cyborg Crocodile would have preferred to just give up the ghost than go through the Jaws treatment….



  1. the zoo staff was just doing their job, as you are doing yours, which is to entertain with very useful pieces of information. the whole thing looks kind of painful and i am not sure if your readers would have preferred to just give up to the ghost rather than go through your articles.

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