Comment Of The Month Competition


Ok I realise that lots of you are reading this blog but most of you keep quiet. Over 600 of you turned up yesterday and all decide you had nothing to say for yourselves. No comments, nada…What’s the matter? Scared? Don’t you know that the internet was made for armchair gangsters!!!? You can say whatever you want, no-one will ever know where you live…..

We’ve decided to get our money out to see if we can entice you into saying something interesting so we’ve launched the comment of the month competition.

That’s right folks, for a few entertaining words you could earn yourself a cool $10 easy. The more comments you leave, the better chnace of winning, it’s that simple.


1. subscribe to the RSS

and Email feed

so we know who you are when you leave a comment.

2. Comment on this post and then comment on any other posts you like whenever you like. The more comments you make the more likely you will say something that wins you the $10.

That’s it. Simple isn’t it?

Every month a post will be made announcing the winner and his or her slick wordplay that won them the c-c-c-cash.

Get going and don’t forget to subscribe


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