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Beanzawave USB-powered microwave



The Beanzawave USB-powered microwave is a cool little mini-microwave that plugs into you PC via, you guessed it, USB. This means never having to leave your DOW 2 or WoW game to get a snack again. All that remains is for someone to invent a way to relieve yourself at your desk and you’d be set for a like of soul-destroying slavery to the internet…

Anyway, musings aside, the Beanzawave USB-powered microwave does look pretty cool and it would be neat to have one of these in easy reach. The problem is that it is just a prototype at the moment until makers Heinz can be sure of enough interest to bring it to market.

Us being the geeks that we are, we’re sure that the Beanzawave USB-powered microwave would be a big hit with gamers worldwide (as long as it could heat more than just beans). Afterall, it makes the maplin 12v in-car microwave

look humongous.





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