ASUS S121 NetBook – Is It A Laptop In Disguise?



The ASUS S121 Netbook joins the throng of recently revealed netbooks and to be honest, doesn’t have anything really different to distinguish it from the masses. This fast growing category is shouting for a hero and the ASUS S121 Netbook isn’t it.

Sure, the ASUS S121 Netbook looks the part with its glossy exterior and larger than your average netbook 12-inch screen but, and perhaps we’re being pedantic here but when does a netbook

become a laptop? 12 inches? 13 inches? Or is it based on the processor (which, BTW, the ASUS S121 netbook packs an ATOM).

No details as yet on pricing or full specs for the ASUS S121 netbook but if you know German, you can hop on over to Eee PC news

for more pictures.

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