Apple 24-inch LED Cinema Display – True Cinematic Style

Apple 24-inch LED Cinema Display

Apple 24-inch LED Cinema Display

GadgetHeat will be the first to admit that the Apple 24-inch LED Cinema Display is sweet to look at and with wide-screen, screen resolution of 1920 x 1200 and LED-backlit technology giving constant full-screen brightness, the Apple 24-inch LED Cinema Display is definitely packing on the high-tech side…

It doesn’t end there. Apple being Apple cannot help but show-off their slick design ethos and the Apple 24-inch LED Cinema Display comes wrapped in a minimalistic yet prominent case of aluminium and glass. It all sounds good doesn’t it?

You may have noticed there is a tone of skepticism in this review. Why you may ask? Because the Apple 24-inch LED Cinema Display is designed specifically for the MacBook family. Yup, there it is. This gorgeous, rather large looking monitor is designed for the benefit of laptop, sorry, MacBook (!) owners. It’s like designing a bike for power-walkers. Yeah they can use it but, hint hint, they like walking, get it?

At $899 you would have thought they would make the Apple 24-inch LED Cinema Display compatible with other items in the Apple desktop family but this is strictly a MacBook, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro with the new Mini DisplayPort only product for now, available November this year.






  1. These new monitors are insane. A bit pricey but very nice. The built in magsafe adapter is a huge bonus!

  2. They are pretty to look at but unless you’re an absolute Apple fanboy, would you really buy a 24inch monitor for your macbook?

  3. I really hope they release a new 30″ LED backlit LCD for the pro (Mac Pro) market. The old 30″ ACD is in serious need of a refresh and I feel reflects badly on Apple. Please don’t forget your professional user base!

  4. Actually, this is exactly what I need. I use a MacBook Pro with 23″ Cinema Display in my work as a graphic designer and copywriter. Since the MacBook Pro these days has enough horsepower to do what I need it’s the perfect solution because I can work effectively from my home office on the big screen yet take the ‘book to client presentations. I don’t need to buy both a laptop and desktop workstation. Even though my current set up is only two years old, I’m seriously considering getting the new stuff because the one simple mag-safe connection would be a real improvement over the multiple cable hassle I have now. Question is, is it worth almost $5,000 of convenience? It’s a close call.

  5. really? $5000 is a close call when you can get a rather decent spec desktop for the same price and simply transfer between the two using portable media? Close call? Hmmm

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