10 Spelling Tools to Help You Learn

10 Online Tools for Teachers and Learners: Master English Spelling

It often turns out that theory is different than the practice, in fact. So how do you comfortably blend one with the other to achieve better results? Use the most accessible means at your disposal ever! Web resources that are.

Language mastery skills are quite difficult to forget, even if they do not practice them for a long time. Besides, there are never too many skills; language mastery mixes up particularly well with any other expertise on earth.

However, if you are just starting, it would be best to make your journey exciting and playful, like a game.

The tools we are going to present are fit for kids, teachers, and all kinds of English learners alike. Choose yours!

1: EduPlace Spelling Match

Following the best traditions of gamification, the EduPlace features different levels and grades to choose from.

The actual principle of learning is: play simple matching games.

One issue with this tool is that it requires Flash Player to work. Although Flash is included in the Chrome browser by default, one may have to manually install it if they use, for instance, Firefox.

2: Scholastic Building Language

Choose one of the three-game types: Spelling, Rhymes, and Names. They all correspond to funny animal characters, which means that your kid’s learning journey will not be boring for sure.

Furthermore, the words are divided into these groups, like “garden” or “zoo,” giving you a choice between distinct areas of focus.

3: Assignment Partner

There are plenty of writing services around, and oftentimes they offer their customers to go through a series of educative articles. The latter may touch upon any English-related topic, including spelling and pronunciation. While you are already here, take a look at the topics we got here:

4: Spelling Bee The Game

Gaming is the only proper way to learn in a case with the kids – and with the adults, too!

You will surely find one of the ABCya games too good to pass by them: just look at these glittering old-school pixel graphics! It is the best of two worlds, gaming and learning.

Besides, there are quite enough theoretical articles to keep you occupied.

5: Essay Writing Review Service

There should be no surprise that the review websites give a good clue which writing service to pick. In their turn, the writing services store a lot of educative articles that concern grammar, spelling, language peculiarities, and lifehacks.

Browse through such a website and pick the educative website of your dream.

6: Dictionary

pexels pixabay 159581

Just like any dictionary that has earned its reputation and popularity by serving those in need of a good idiom or word definition, the Dictionary is worth your attention.

It is very minimalist, but it has what you want: spelling variants, definitions, usage examples, the frequency of use… Moreover, you will probably find a peculiar word game or an article that will capture your attention.

Speaking of online dictionaries, we would also like to suggest Macmillan, Collins, or Merriam-Webster. These are your infallible friends on the path of self-education in the domain of the English language.

7: Many Things

At first, ManyThings looks totally unintelligible. Where are all the fancy flashy pictures and animations? Once you start reading, it actually turns out to be a unique, engaging spelling game website: you are given a multitude of difficulty levels and word domains to choose from.

I would call it an action genre. It improves both your reaction and spelling skills!

8: SharpEssay

Academized is a storehouse of English learning and checking tools. It gives you everything to aid in learning English it is a serious and scientific manner.

It doesn’t mean that is not for kids. Quite on the contrary, the earlier they take interest in the tools like this, the better.

9: Assignment help

Academic writing help is always useful when you don’t feel like coping with all the assignments at hand.

The language mastery skill is not always enough to keep you up and running, so think about custom writing help if you feel stressed. An essay sample for your kid or for yourself may do the job.

10: Grammarix

This one is a little bit less complicated than Grammarly and still functional enough for the daily writing checks.

The sifting tool deserves some extra credit: it allows you to see the synonyms and related words.

Grammarix is actually powered by Grammarly, so if you click the Advanced Check Button, the website will redirect you to Grammarly, where a full check is possible.


The struggle with grammar and spelling becomes less of trouble when you know how to study smart! Remember that any time you are tired, there is an option to order a text from a website like Now that you have the list of tools to help in this endeavor get on with it, and may The Force be with you!

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